White Cheddar & Gruyere Truffle Mac & Cheese.

This isn’t art (OR IS IT) but people keep asking me for recipes and I don’t know where to put them so here we are.

You probably just want a macaroni and cheese recipe for your Ninja Foodi, so please excuse the lack of profound life lessons or unexpectedly detailed descriptions of my childhood. (Everything before the air-frying part works for Instant Pot as well, obv). 

  • 1lb box of Rotini pasta

  • 4 cups broth (veggie, chicken, whichever)

  • 2 tbsp butter

  • 3-4 tsp of white truffle oil to taste(a little goes a long way)

  • 12 oz evaporated milk

  • 8-10 oz white cheddar

  • 8-10 oz gruyere 

  • panko crumbs (enough to coat the top of a bowl)

  • parmesan/asiago cheese blend

--Add pasta, broth, butter to the Foodi and stir. Cover with the pressure lid and secure it. Set the pressure cook time to 3 minutes and hit Start. It’ll build pressure, then count, so the total time is roughly 8-15 min.

--When the timer is up, release the pressure immediately. Remove the lid, press Saute and then Start. 

--Add truffle oil and evaporated milk & stir well. 

--Next add the cheese! Slowly add it in while stirring. Save about 1/4th of your Gruyere. 

--Once you're satisfied with the cheesiness level, smooth it all out so it's even on top. Turn everything off for a second. 

--Add the panko crumbs, the rest of the gruyere, and parmesan/asiago if you'd like. (It’s good no matter what you do, so you can use just panko, or just panko and parmesan, or just panko and gruyere). 

--Close the Air Fryer lid and use the Air Fryer setting at 390 for 5 minutes, or however long you need to make the top crunchy. I start with 4 min and open it every 2-3 min afterwards to see if it's browned enough. 

--Serve. Amaze and delight your friends or cats. Don't feed this to your cats probably.