Minted Challenge links.

I copied down all of the links to individual cards I made. Mostly because it's easier to log in, open each in a new window and then vote on them that way. The first batch, the voting ends on the 15th, the second batch starts on the 15th. That said, you don't really need to vote, I like sharing them because I had a lot fun with them. They're not all winners, but I always get better with practice. Individual links below - see them all here:

Minted Better Together Greeting Card Challenge (in voting until the 15th) -

All but the last one is copy written by Shonda Rhimes for the challenge -
Shine Bright -
Brave.Bold.Outspoken.Mom -
You Are Not Alone (heart) -
You are Not Alone (peach) -
Motherhood in All Forms is Perfect -
Love Me & Let Me Go -
You Are Not Alone (chalkboard illustration) -
This Card Came From a Store -
Anna Howard Shaw -

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like The Holiday Photo Card Challenge (in critiquing phase, voting starts the 15th) - 

Golden Frame -
Green Striped Merry Everything -
Holidays are in our DNA -
Shining Diamonds -
Shining Diamonds landscape -
Art Deco Holiday -
Happy Hanukkah -